Real transparency

It’s clear: transparent and understandable

Cosmetics are a matter of trust – but would you trust someone whom you do not understand? We are convinced that our products and their ingredients speak for themselves. Therefore, we show you what lies behind our cosmetics without expensive advertising and lifestyle phrases. It is as simple as that.

Discover our active ingredients lexicon containing information about the natural substances that form the soul of our products. In the description of the other ingredients, we explain what excipients our cosmetics contain and why do the cosmetics need them. We pride ourselves on the fact that our products meet the clear and strict guidelines – so through the Certification section, you can easily understand what makes the NatPure products genuine natural cosmetics that contain organic ingredients.

Active ingredients

Introduced: the active ingredients of our natural cosmetics To the active ingredients


Explained for you: the excipients in our cosmetics To the excipients


Clear guidelines, independent review To the certifications