Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about natural cosmetics

More and more people ask for natural cosmetics. However, surprisingly, there is still no binding definition of what "natural cosmetics" may call - no political requirements and (still) no ISO standard.
Nevertheless, there are various national and international guidelines that are of dedicated Associations were prepared - such. COSMOS and BDIH. We strictly follow this. For us natural cosmetics means:

  • Exclusively natural materials, nothing that is chemically synthesized.
  • Naturalness and simplicity in the recipe: no additives such as colour, aroma or preservatives, but a high concentration of the effective natural substances and only those excipients that ensure that you can use the creams and serums well.
  • Of course, no animal experiments.

Conventional cosmetics use many chemicals and petroleum products that irritate sensitive skin (for example, short chain alcohols) - and some that are even directly hazardous to health, such Polyethylene glycols. With natural cosmetics, you consistently do without such substances. You will also get products that are more honest from us: we will explain you exactly what is included in your product - without having to study pharmacology first. In addition, we leave everything behind that does not really add value to you.
In addition, conventional cosmetics are not very sustainable: from petroleum to metals, they contain many substances that are only available in a limited way and that are taken from nature with a lot of pollution and high-energy consumption. The renewable resources of natural cosmetics work in harmony with the environment.
Finally yet importantly, more and more people are important to avoid unnecessary suffering among animals. In contrast to conventional cosmetics natural cosmetics dispenses with animal experiments. Our natural cosmetics products are completely free of substances that are used from killed animals, many are even completely vegan.

Questions about our products

We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers and have the independent verification verified. Ingredients labeled as "Organic" are certified by the independent testing organization ECOCERT in accordance with the rigorous, internationally agreed COSMOS standard and the ECOCERT guidelines for natural and organic cosmetics. The other ingredients also correspond - confirmed by ECOCERT - their guidelines for natural and organic cosmetics. In addition, we consistently stand up for the freedom of our products from animal experiments in accordance with EU Regulation 1223/2009. You want to know more about it? With pleasure! Read more at or contact us!
We only use substances from the positive list of the BDIH.

Natural cosmetics are not just women's business. More and more men are recognizing the soothing effects of good skincare - and rely directly on the original: the power of nature.
For each of our products, see the product description, a table with details of the product ... including, for whom it is particularly recommended. Because a breast and belly firming crème for mothers you may of course also use as a man - but probably not with the same success;)

Our products are gentle and natural - so you can safely use them all during pregnancy.
Our Moringa active complex is even specially designed for expectant and nursing mothers!

We are fully committed to natural ingredients. Where appropriate and possible, we source them from organic farming and constantly increase this share. Many herbs and the like However, they are collected directly in the wild - correspondingly, of course, without a biologic seal;) And unfortunately, some substances are not always available in sufficient quantity from biocertified sources. But even here we pay close attention to certification according to the international COSMOS natural cosmetics standard.
On the shop pages for our products we indicate the proportion of organic ingredients.

Not all of our products are vegan - in some cases, e.g. contain lactic acid. But many - and more - are completely vegan. In the shop as well as on the packaging our vegan products are prominently marked.
All our products are free of substances derived from killed animals and consistently dispense with animal testing.

We adhere strictly to the positive list of the BDIH and completely abstain from parabens.

For each of our products you will find all ingredients in the shop as well as on the packaging or in the leaflet. In addition, we explain in detail on our pages in everyday language, what are the active ingredients and excipients behind the English and Latin names.

We try to omit all substances that do not directly contribute to the effect or application. However, alcohols are often very helpful because they prevent bacteria from colonizing and replicating in the product.
However, alcohol is not just alcohol: Aggressive, short-chain alcohols attack the skin and dry it out. Good alcohols, however, are the long-chain, so-called fatty alcohols. Fatty alcohols are derived from the fatty acids found in plant parts. They make the skin supple, are neither irritating nor comedogenic, meaning they favor neither blackheads nor pimples. Most of the fatty alcohols dissipate before or during application and do not penetrate the skin.
Wherever we use alcohols, we rely on such fatty alcohols. Here you will find all information about our excipients.

That depends on what you are allergic to. Our natural cosmetics consistently dispensed with skin-irritating, allergy-promoting substances and is thus much gentler than conventional cosmetics. But we use herbal ingredients in high concentration. And of course there are always people - albeit few - who are allergic to these plants. At least you can never rule it out. If you know about an allergy, look at our active ingredients and excipients or ask us.

Many of our products are specially developed for the care needs of mature skin - they actively counteract aging and fatigue, moisturise and nourish. Here you will find our natural cosmetic products for mature skin.

Our products with urea are particularly good at treating eczema, as they are the skin's own Support repair systems and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients.

You will find the durability of our handmade products on the product page in the shop.

Questions about the shop

In most cases, no - because within Germany the delivery is from 30 euros purchase value free. Below this value the shipping costs is 3.95 Euro.
For delivery to other EU countries you pay up to 70 Euro purchase value 6.95 Euro, for worldwide delivery up to 100 Euro purchase value 9.95 Euro. Above these limits the delivery is free.

We are happy to deliver our natural cosmetics products to every country in the world. For deliveries outside of Germany please note the respective shipping information. For deliveries outside the EU, customs fees, sales tax and other costs may apply in your country depending on the value of the goods.

Of course you have 14 days right of withdrawal from receipt of the goods or 30 days from order. During this time, you can return the unopened, original packed goods at any time without giving any reason and get the full purchase price refunded. For a revocation and to vote the return please use our Sample form on the Withdrawal page, where you can also find more information.

We offer you all the usual payment options: whether PayPal, credit card, EC direct debit or Amazon Pay.

If you have a discount or coupon code, you can redeem it in the sales process by entering the code in the appropriate field. Some promotional discounts are already automatically credited to you - this is what we will point out in the ordering process.