About us

Natural cosmetics - our personal matter

Here you will find products that are handmade by real people. We do not manufacture industrially and we are not involved with any big company – there is a small team behind NatPure that wants to share their enthusiasm with you. This is our story:

It starts with a vicious circle

Everything started with my girlfriend and a vicious circle: her skin was dry and tormented by rash - she spared no expense and effort to find remedy with costly cosmetics. But the more she used them, the worse it got. So she began to look into the cosmetics industry - and indignantly realized what mineral oil extracts and chemical detergents she was rubbing into her damaged skin with the well-known products.
I was sure too: this has to change! So together we looked for natural remedies that protect the skin and clearly state what the ingredients are. The goal: to support the beauty from within, instead of taking the shortcut with chemicals.
But here, too, success depends on the effect: natural cosmetics must not only be something for the conscience, but the results also have to be convincing. On the other hand, in many so-called natural products, we found only tiny amounts of the expensive, active ingredients - and often enough questionable additives.

Sometimes you have to do it yourself

That's why we started experimenting ourselves: first with the individual ingredients - for example chamomile, lavender or argan oil. After gaining a fair understanding of their properties, we began to combine the active ingredients so that their strengths mutually support and complement each other, resulting in products more than the sum of their parts. Improving results further ignited our ambition: together we researched studies, discussed with botanists and pharmacists - and tried, and tried, and tried.

From a personal passion to a cosmetic manufacturer

The result surprised not only us, but also the experts who were by now our partners in research as well as testers: no one had expected that we could develop something so extraordinary just following our personal interest. We expanded our group for this journey to help us investigate, design recipes and test.
After a while, it became clear to us that we were not just lucky, but really came up with something valuable, so we embarked on the big adventure: as outsiders – who do not come from any pharmaceutical company – to enter the tough cosmetics market, dominated by big corporations.

What do you mean?

Maybe that's naïve ... but I'm convinced that between all the advertising, the mega-corporations and fashion movements, there is still room for honest products, which are handcrafted in limited quantities and show what makes cosmetics truly natural – effective, soothing care, that really helps people without harming animals or the environment. No unnecessary additions. No trends. With the natural active ingredient in the centre. Concentrated, clear, personal and soothing.
We would be pleased if you accompanied and supported us on this journey!

Yours sincerely,

Peter Z. Hrabovszki,
Founder and CEO
Berlin, Summer of 2017